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Arbitration is one of the oldest ways of solution of controversies in the history of humanity. In Brazilian Law, with the arrival of the Law nº 9.307, of the 23 rd September 1996, arbitration turned into an important part in the administration of Justice, specially focusing on conflicts in the civil, business and financial areas.

This re-formulated the law, gave effectiveness to the arbitration clause and put on the same level the arbitration award with the judicial sentence. Besides that, the legal principles and concepts in relation with this alternative dispute resolution meaning an important differential in the economy of the contracts, with the acceleration of the proceedings, which does not admit any appeal. That is why arbitration is an incentive to the social peace, while the judicial trial is an incentive to the conflict.

Rui Barbosa in 1907, at the Second Conference of Peace in The Hague, talking about the works of Permanent Arbitration Court, which had the goal of solving law conflicts and not politics, said the well-known and strong phrase which remains along time and it’s named in books and lectures around the world: Arbitration lives on confidence, the judiciary on obedience.